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Galicia Folk Band


Galicja Folk Band

Music which radiates sun, warm relations along with mutual understanding unite youthful musicians from Lviv, who established musical ensemble named “Galicia”.
Young people deeply impress with their creativity not only in Ukraine, but they also managed to bring Ukrainian song to the audience abroad. Due to contemporary arrangements, combining folk songs with interesting rhythms as well as deviation from classical harmony, “Galicia” attracts listeners of different age groups: from the youngest to older ones.
Volodymyr Ivanets - the head of the group. Many times he tried to establish his band, having broad experience of working in musical ensembles such as “Junist”, “Pysanka”, “Veseli Cherevychky”. Cooperation with students of Lviv Music School, where he works as a teacher of accordion after graduation of Lviv Music Academy, inspires him to create new musical projects. Trio “Resonance” represents one of Volodymyr's creations. Having visited Germany, Poland, France, Holland, USA with his concerts, Volodymyr united professional musicians of Lviv with the purpose of implementing the project named “Galicia” in 2011.
Oksana Zubenko represents the grace of the group. Her velvet voice and virtuosic violin play amaze listeners. She graduated from Lviv Music School. While wandering along the corridors of her “alma mater” and searching for self realization, Oksana accepted Volodymyr's offer to try herself in “Galicia”. Years of cooperation developed and enriched the potential of the band.
Sergij Kutepov – the student of Lviv Music Academy.
Sergij came to Lviv from Poltava. He gave his first concerts at home while standing on a stool in childhood. Being a hard-worker, he managed to achieve great results. His singing was highly praised by famous musicians, namely: Ludmyla Posikira, Natalya Kovaljova, Petro Kusevych, Sergij Bashtan. The ability to play bandura doubles his talent. Sergij is a core of positive energy in the ensemble.
“Galicia” offers the repertoire from classical to modern covers. Folk Ukrainian song is the source of inspiration for the members of the group, which sounds modernized when it is performed by the musicians. Artistic achievements of the band include three CD's. The folk band also sings religious songs. Many concerts take place in the churches of Poland, Germany, France.
Being close to the listeners, touching the strings of their souls with the help of music, filling them with good and positive energy – these are the aims of our creative work . We are grateful to God for the gift of creating music, which helps us to entertain your life.
“Galicia” group